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Web Site Privacy Statement

At Flex Compensation we take the privacy of your personal information very seriously. We have developed policies and procedures regarding the collection, use and security of your personal information. This Privacy Statement outlines our web site privacy policies. These policies may be reviewed and updated periodically as part of our ongoing commitment to your privacy. Any changes to this Privacy Statement will be posted at least 14 days before its effective date.

Flex Compensation will not use personal information you provide on this site to send you unsolicited email or junk mail and we will not give your personal information to any third party except as described below. We have implemented electronic, procedural and physical safeguards that comply with legal requirements to protect your personal information.

Personal information
Personal information maintained on this site (including name, address, email, etc.,) will not be sold, rented, licensed, traded or shared with third parties except to the extent necessary to fulfill Flex Compensation’s contractual obligation to provide specific administrative services such as benefit enrollment, COBRA and reimbursement account administration. We will limit the personal information collected and disclosed to the minimum amount necessary for the service provided. Personal information you voluntarily enter on this site will be used only to provide the information or service you have requested or for which you have registered.

When you visit our site a session cookie is created in your browser’s memory that enhances site navigation and allows you to access secure information and conduct secure transactions. This session cookie does not contain personally identifiable information. It will never be use to track browser activity on other sites or generate third party pop-ups and spam. The session cookie will be deleted when you close your browser.

Related links
Links to other web sites displayed on our site do not indicate Flex Compensation’s endorsement of all material contained on those sites. If you select one of the related links you will be leaving Flex Compensation’s site and your privacy will be governed by the privacy policy and procedures of the linked site.

Questions If you have questions or comments regarding Flex Compensation’s privacy policies and procedures, please call (952) 544-8332 or (800) 333-5597.