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Website Update!

Welcome to Flex Compensation’s updated website! We’ve updated the look and feel of the site but maintained all of the functionality you’ve been using. Many of the changes are maintenance items intended to keep the site running properly with new browsers. We’ve also added new enhancements. Some of the enhancements you’ll notice right away such as new page controls, a more "mobile friendly" framework and improved security through requirements for strong passwords. Other enhancements to core functionality will be implemented over a period of time on a client by client basis. As always, your feedback is appreciated.

FSA Enrollment Guide(17-FSAEnrollmentGuide.pdf)

Use this guide to determine if flexible spending accounts (FSA) are right for you. It includes an overview of FSAs, detailed lists of eligible expenses, common Q&As and online tools to help you estimate tax savings and calculate contributions.

FAX your claims to FCI

Claims can be faxed to FCI at 952-541-6377. Use the claim form as your cover sheet and fax it with the appropriate documentation to our office. Claims are due by 12 PM Central Time on the claim cut-off date. You can also mail your claims to us just as you have in the past, but DO NOT mail claims that you have already FAXed. If you're wondering if we have received a claim, please wait 2-3 days then check the web site before calling, or register for our email notification service.

Make your FSA more convenient...

If you've ever wondered whether or not we've received a claim, or if you're tired of waiting for the US mail, create an online account. Once you've registered you will automatically be notified via email each time we receive and enter a claim. In addition, account statements and letters requesting additional information will be sent via email rather than US mail. Even better, you can submit claims and documentation directly online. Also consider setting up direct deposit; claim payments will be automatically deposited in your bank account and your Explanation of Benefits will be emailed each time a direct deposit is made to your bank account. Please note, if you are a participant who is new to FCI you cannot login until after you receive your enrollment confirmation from us.